Thursday, November 24, 2011

Podcasts in the Classroom

     Ever wanted to make your classroom more interesting?  How about using a Podcast!!  A podcast is a video or audio file that is available online about a specific topic.

     A Podcast I recently watched, Platos Espanoles, was all about Spanish food.  The Podcast was completely in Spanish and has great vocabulary for students.  The speed of the language use was not too fast so students should be able to understand it.  In my classroom I would use this audio file for practice with vocabulary, comprehension, and cultural learning.  The students could answer questions about what they hear that include vocabulary terms, a knowledge of their comprehension, and questions about specific cultural foods.

     By using a Podcast in your classroom you can easily make your classroom more fun, diverse, and interesting for your students!

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Maryanne said...

Looks like a great site and a good choice.